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How To Rock Your Headshot/ Personal Branding Session with these 10 Tips!

When it comes to commercial headshots, I take a great amount of pride in capturing your best natural features, your strength, and your essence. My approach to photography is natural and relationship-oriented; I love to get to know my clients before putting them in front of the lens. I want to hear all about your story - both personal and professional - so I can tell it in light and color.

My goal is to create portrait images that say something meaningful about you. Are you an actor? A business professional? A model? With over 10 years of Portrait photography experience, I feel confident in my ability to craft a series of images that truly say something about who you are and your goals in life. My portraits have been described as natural, vibrant, and versatile.

Think about going pro for hair and makeup

This is a big one! I always tell my clients to think very seriously about having hair and makeup professionally styled for their headshots. These are important images that may play a big role in your career: they define how the digital world will perceive you! Hiring a professional will ensure you look your absolute best on camera.

It’s all about your eyes

Guess what? As important as it is to have fabulous hair and makeup, I’ll be focusing the most on the single most definitive part of your character: your eyes. As you think about this, I recommend even practicing in the mirror beforehand! A slight squint and a piercing gaze will light up your images with pure, intense personality.

Keep it natural

Headshots these days are all about keeping things natural and real. People want to see beyond the poses into the core of who you are. We don’t have to go crazy here, but when you come into the studio I’ll be asking you to laugh and relax just as much as I ask you to pose with perfect posture. Let’s show the world what makes you unique!

Drink lots of water before the shoot

The day before the shoot, don’t forget to hydrate a lot! Drinking lots of water (or even better - getting sweaty and drinking lots of water) the day before the shoot will ensure your face looks its best. Avoiding salty foods can also help prevent water retention in your body to give you leaner lines.

Dress like you’re meeting a new client

The purpose of your headshots is to convey the professional side of you, but you nonetheless. That means that when you choose your wardrobe, select pieces that you would want to meet your clients in, or be seen in while “doing your thing”. If you’re a professional chef, you might want to consider an apron over a power suit. If you’re a realtor, wear business casual, just the way you would if you were on your way to a client meeting! I’ll be here for you every step of the way to choose the outfit that perfectly speaks to your audience, and shows you at your very (professional) best!

Think about a facial mask

I love telling my clients to try a face mask the night before their shoot. It can make a huge difference, giving you luscious smooth skin that doesn’t require as much makeup! There is no substitute for having naturally beautiful skin. Anything you can do to improve your facial skin’s quality beforehand will really shine on camera.

Avoid too many colors

Unless your profession requires an incredibly colorful outfit, I highly recommend staying away from lots of bright colors. After all - it’s supposed to be about the incredible person you are, not what you’re wearing! I recommend clients bring 2-3 outfits for their headshot session and I will help them select the best combinations of garments. Blacks, whites, creams, and neutral tones are timeless and allow your beautiful face to be the star of the show!

Lipstick & lashes

Ladies, this one’s really up to you! However, just in my opinion, I find fake lashes to be over-the-top in most cases—which doesn’t translate well to a professional look. You can try asking your hair and makeup artist for their thoughts, but in general I prefer a more natural look. Doubling up on mascara layers can really highlight your beautiful eyes without that “fake lash” vibe! The same goes for lipstick. Usually a wet gloss is all you need, sometimes tinted. In general, less is more for professional headshots.

Layer up

Layering your outfits can really add a professional touch to your images. Jackets, blazers, and coats thrown over a neutral colored tee or dress shirt look great on literally everyone. Depending on the feel you’re going for, you can even combine a shirt with more “personality” (patterns, sayings, etc.) with a dark blazer for a pro-casual look. If you have some jackets or blazers in your closet, bring them all! The more we have to pick from, the better.

Get plenty of rest

Before the shoot, try to avoid late nights, fatty foods, chocolate (I know, ladies!), alcohol, and get lots and lots of sleep! The idea is to get your body and skin looking its absolute best. Take care of yourself and give your body all the things it needs to shine!